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Published February 2nd 2010
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 About the Book 

I HATED this book. Dont get me wrong, I understand that horrendous things happen to people on a daily basis and that there are triumphant stories of those who have risen from the wreckage and are now living as icons of survival.But this book is not like that, really. This book is more like Listen, Precious has been raped and now I want to rape you too. And after you read the book, you need therapy and you feel like Precious is not really okay like the book tried to say she is at the end.Other things that ticked me off:*The rape details. I GET IT! It was heinous and disgusting but I really think the author wanted everyone who read this book to feel raped along with Precious so that we can just - feel raped. As readers, we cant be trusted by Sapphire to be empathetic enough on our own*The fact that Precious enjoyed being raped. Even more abominable (and unbelievable) especially the way she described enjoying it. Ugh! Thankfully, I wasnt near a bridge when I read that part because I would have certainly jumped off of one.*The writing was intentionally horrific and inconsistent. If you want to write in illiterate form so that the readers can hear Precious true voice, fine. Just be consistent about it.*Precious hated (or didnt understand) Gays and made ignorant comments about them. Umm, your Dad raped you and you think Gay people are your problem?Well, this is the authors agenda you see? She is Bisexual and wants to point out that Gay people are not demonic sinners like Precious straight father.*Precious BLAMES THE WHITE MAN for the reasons why her Daddy is a drug-addict rapist.I could go on and on...but I feel sick so Ill just stop.This book gets zero stars from me, but zero isnt an option.EDITED TO ADD:I am seeing comments declaring that if an author can make you go through the characters trauma with her, then she is doing a good job.I disagree with this sentiment. The authors job is to express what the character is experiencing without personally attacking YOU as the READER. And this is what Push delivers, a personal attack, instead of gathering my interest to help girls like Precious. After all, what is the purpose of such a novel if not to create awareness of such heinous events and propel this awareness to form organizations that educate girls like Precious on understanding that what they are experiencing is wrong and criminal- and there is a way out?Forcing the reader to feel raped simply does just that - abuses the reader. Its easy to just write down a bunch of vulgar details and call it the realness.Instead of feeling sorry for Precious, I felt sorry for myself for having ever even touched this book.Having said that, I am an avid financial supporter of PreventChildAbuse.org and not because I read this book. Id rather do something about this problem than read about it in a novel, or watch it in a movie as some form of entertainment.