Of all these people we were able to liberate only 1, in the main camp, and many of them did not survive. But, there is one more thing. I learned later from my mother that my Latin teacher, Professor Ergens, whose favorite I was, had to go to bat for me at faculty meeting, where my 'subversive' question was discussed! Even his glowing account of the Roman Campagna's resources is largely accurate, and touches on a famous insight of antiquity:

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Kinda funny taste - starting like acid, boring in between and unobtrusive afterwards. How rare cars were on the Soviet side became even clearer when we encountered the first of the many moving Soviet military units we were to run into or pass on our drive east to Vienna. If something in the pictures moves while it is doing so, it can pull and stretch the images. She was weak physically and shaken psychologically. They dug up his corpse, tore out his heart, burned it, and mixed the ashes with water in order to drink it.

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The Black Madonnas of the world represent to me a symbol of hope. This is because their spirit has been enervated by the hot sun. Idyllic months, full of long, happy days of walking in the hills and mountains, swimming in ponds, or helping carry my father's painting gear - in what was still a very unspoiled, isolated peasant world, much closer to the 19th than the 20th century. What seems to have happened is that as people move in the image, they get pulled together as the camera attempts to take the picture.

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As a young boy I didn't yet understand the war. Ways to make an offering: Fresh like a draft, but lots more taste.

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The main challenge was to stay warm and dry. However, in the present fanatically anti-Semitic Nazi atmosphere, where 'Mischlings' half breeds like myself were treated almost as severely as Jews, this background was going to cause serious dangers, which I must come to understand. Fresh like a draft, but lots more taste. This is similar to a practice of anti-vampire burial : We were hugely relieved each time when we got through! We tried to explain that we were in a seriously dangerous situation: So we 'celebrated' rather awkwardly in the understated elegance of this great hotel with its self-assured, tuxedoed waiters who, even in war time, flourished silver plate covers over gleaming tablecloths. This resulted in the purchasing of much larger breeds from Germany with the hopes to improve the current breeds of cattle within Switzerland.

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