Some make several trips a year but few live permanently in the country, so they have little incentive to hand over a chunk of their earnings to social security. However, you do need the necessary documents to carry the reptiles on a flight. Given that at least 70 per cent of trafficking in Europe is into forced prostitution, a lot of people are arguing that the best way to reduce demand for trafficking is to reduce demand for prostitution. Her voice is quiet but firm and her eye contact is fearless, breaking only when she searches for her cigarette lighter and Marlboro Lights. The prostitutes can get a colour for 40 euros there. But then again the variety of women — who linger, lingerie-clad, at their bedroom doors — was a plus.

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Is he a pimp? The larger German brothels presented a physical challenge of a different kind, he admitted. Two years later, prostitution in Germany was thought to be worth 6 billion euros — roughly the same as Porsche or Adidas that year. As at Paradise, the money paid for sex is negotiated directly with the prostitute and not shared with the club. Ellen Carpenter, Mark Oliver Developer: In December, the French parliament voted to criminalise the purchase of sex with fines of upward of euros for a first offence.

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