Hispania is the country where people of northern Europe go on vacation and ask to eat the same food they eat at their homelandscausing tremendous traffic jams in the Roman roads while traveling. Adriana Hunter is the present translator. Goths Germans are disciplined and militarists, they are composed of many races that fight each other which is a reference to Germany before Otto von Bismarck and to East and West Germany after the Second World War and they wear the Pickelhaube helmet common during the German Empire. The little Armorican village, however, has held out because the villagers can gain temporary superhuman strength by drinking a magic potion brewed by the local village druid, Getafix. Inhabitants of the North Black Sea, who represent present-day Russia. Straight letters, carved Sarmatian:

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There are 14 films, 15 board games, 40 video games, and 1 theme park. Reference is also made to the famous character of Don Quixote. Ethnic stereotypes[ edit ] Many of the Asterix adventures take place in other countries aside from their homeland, Gaul. The male Roman names end in '-us', echoing Latin nominitive male singular form, as in Gluteus Maximusa muscle-bound athlete whose name is literally the butt of the joke. They fight against the Romans alongside the Britons to defend the British Isles. Humour[ edit ] The humour encountered in the Asterix comics often centers around puns, caricatures, and tongue-in-cheek stereotypes of contemporary European nations and French regions. The names end in -tha after the historical king Jugurtha of Numidia. Inhabitants of the North Black Sea, who represent present-day Russia. Greek names end in -os or -es; for example, Thermos the restaurateur.

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Cimbres Danes are very similar to the Normans. In the Netherlands several volumes were translated into West Frisian , a Germanic language spoken in the province of Friesland , into Limburgish , a regional language spoken not only in Dutch Limburg but also in Belgian Limburg and North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany and into Tweants , a dialect in the region of Twente in the eastern province of Overijssel. Reference is also made to the famous character of Don Quixote. They stop for Tea every day making it with hot water and a drop of milk until Asterix brings them actual tea leaves , drink lukewarm beer Bitter , eat tasteless foods with mint sauce Rosbif and live in streets containing rows of identical houses. Asterix and Obelix and sometimes other members of the village go on various adventures both within the village and in far away lands.

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