For the Manual of Style guideline for pronunciation, see Wikipedia: Consonant sounds are spoken once followed by a vowel and once between vowels. The left-hand column displays the symbols like this: In Word Ways in August and Novemberhe published several squares found in this wordlist.

G E R H U E Z I N Gangb E U G E N I H Z R

Ulrich Mohr: Beziehung statt Erziehung – natürlich gesunder Umgang mit Kindern

The left-hand column displays the symbols like this: Darryl Francis and Dmitri Borgmann succeeded in using near-tautonyms second- and third-order reduplication to employ seven different entries by pairing orangutang with urangutang and ranga-ranga with tanga-tanga, as follows: Smaller word squares, used for amusement, are expected to have simple solutions, especially if set as a task for children; but vocabulary in most eight-squares tests the knowledge of an educated adult. However, squares are possible if words from a number of languages are allowed Word Ways, August and May For large squares, the vocabulary prevents selecting more desirable words i. The square below has been held by some word square experts as essentially solving the square problem Daily Mail, The Timeswhile others anticipate higher-quality squares in the future. Many new large word squares and new species[ clarification needed ] have arisen recently. The foreign languages that are used to illustrate additional sounds are primarily the ones most likely to be familiar to English speakers, FrenchStandard Germanand Spanish. Constructed vocabulary From the s, Jeff Grant had a long history of producing well-built squares; concentrating on the ten-square from tohe produced the first three traditional ten-squares by relying on reasonable coinages such as Sol Springs various extant people named Sol Spring and ses tunnels French for its tunnels.

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