I looked into the rules and, though I didn't care for that rule, I could understand the rationale, and I, of course, didn't want to violate rules. And if I'm really honest, I actually didn't understand the comment. Personality and traits Edit Carter has often displayed a strong moral compass and a willingness to sacrifice in pursuit of saving others. It's a suggestion only and I'll be the first to recommend its deletion if other people don't like it. The only people that could were the people who knew him intimately. At least 4 users including myself have indicated that we prefer the black-and-white image and you are the lone voice in favour of the Karsh. Ratdolt, an entrepreneur determined to make a quality product, often turned to the University of Padua for scholars cum editors.

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Any screenshot would be of much lower quality. I mean they should now wouldn't you if your partner had the same accusations thrown at them? As I have stated before, I understand if it has to be used, but I don't have to like it. Please stop reverting the Tyrone Power images, and make an effort to understand the policies and guidelines that we as editors are required to abide by. They ran their presses until

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The Post-death rumors section is low garbage. Seems odd that they would not have jumped on such an obviously known story. When she discovered how controlling he could be, she broke off the engagement with him. He was fluent in Hebrew and Arabic. Lana Turner had an abortion of his baby. The relationship only lasted for six months then Helen and Sam broke up. Over time, she herself grew to become very fond of Martouf, but she never pursued the emotions as such a relationship could never have happened unless she became a Tok'ra herself, coupled with her uncertainty about the extent to which her feelings were her own or were simply the remnants of Jolinar's old emotions. He then happily announced that he had discovered a method of printing them as easily as the text.

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