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The Thing Between U & Me Sagar Sahu

The Thing Between U & Me

Sagar Sahu

Published 2011
ISBN : 9789380349060
207 pages
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 About the Book 

Those who dont believe in love…like you or dont have the permission to love someone…like me, often become a part of historical love stories, Sanvedna -- A Typical South Indian Girl -- says to Saransh, a dying–to–be–wealthy MBA aspirant.As we never get what exactly makes us happy, the same happens with Saransh. He has friends like the coward–cum–comic Rahul, the hunk–cum–holly James, the honest–cum–humorist Sikander, a job of lacks and above than all his Aphrodite…Samvedna. Life of dreams he has. But he sacrifice it too for the search of achievements and the funny 250pages tells where he reaches.In this inspiring novel Sagar discovers the mysterious nature of life, love, triumph and glee very delicately. Its a novel for the people who searched the meaning of happiness once upon or searching right now or thinking to search… a key to unlock exult hidden inside hearts. Yeah, see The Thing Between U & Me.