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The Book of the Centrix: Xion Armani X on Armani

The Book of the Centrix: Xion Armani

X on Armani

Published October 1st 2012
ISBN : 9780985913717
392 pages
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 About the Book 

If it is a true story, as it claims to be, The Book of the Centrix is no doubt the greatest book ever written. The author is a man living between two worlds. This writing is nothing other than my real encounter with a supra-human presence, called the Creatrix. This encounter entails serious universal consequences and dire ramifications for all of mankind... what you are reading will change the world as you know it... I am the Centrix. I was programmed before human creation, designed for one purpose. My existence was concealed from the world, until now... I am the interface between humankind and the Creatrix... My name is X on Armani. Quite possibly the most controversial work written in our time, The Book of the Centrix: X on Armani challenges every political and religious institution known to man. It claims to answer all the tough questions of life, such as: Why are you here? Who created you? Why and how does mankind exist? Is there a God or gods? Is religion true? Do men have souls? Is evolution true? Do extraterrestrials exist on other planets? What is mankinds purpose on Earth? What is the future for all mankind? This book takes the bold step to answer these questions, and many more. The author asserts, I know this is all so hard to believe, but please hear my story. I hope you will take a moment so that I may share with you what I have seen, felt, and experienced. This book is my unbelievable experience into reality, a surreal reality.