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Ruins in the Mist Marion Timmons

Ruins in the Mist

Marion Timmons

Published July 18th 2014
ISBN : 9781490841816
268 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Tomos and the younger members of his family stand at the rail of the departing vessel. Through their tears, they wave goodbye to the rest of the family left standing on the dock and watch as the shoreline of their beloved homeland soon becomes a distant blur.Many weeks later, after a wretched voyage, they find themselves in America. Arriving on the eve of the American Revolution, they soon find themselves facing the terrors of war and the tragedies that follow.History comes alive amid the terrors of war, and the heartbreak that follows.-Monica Graham, historical writer, journalist.Timmons captures the essence of the Loyalist experiences, from the battles of the Southern Campaign to the hope of new life in Nova Scotia.-F.H. Hayward, UE, Education Chair, United Empire Loyalists Association of Canada.A story of courage and determination, in the face of desperate circumstances and tragic events.-Jamie Grant, Guysborough Historical Society.A realistic portrayal of what the Loyalists endured, when they gave up homeland, family and dreams.-Kristel Fleuren-Hunter, Pictou- Antigonish Regional Library.