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Sons of Darkness (The War for Eternal Life Book 2) Shaghne Manning

Sons of Darkness (The War for Eternal Life Book 2)

Shaghne Manning

Kindle Edition
434 pages
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 About the Book 

One year ago, Glen Quinn’s life changed for the better. Seemingly out of nowhere, the then seventeen-year-old was introduced to the world of seers where skills like accelerated healing, controlling animals telepathically, and seeing glimpses of the future are possible. In his first year at Mountain View, a secretive university for seers located in the Rocky Mountains, he learned more about those who have also been called healers, shamans, and medicine men over the millennia. More importantly, he found himself thrust unwillingly into the pursuit of an ancient seer weapon purported to extend life. That search led to an ancient Aboriginal burial site where he discovered that some seers are willing to do whatever it takes in their quest for eternal power.Now in his second year at Mountain View, Glen and his fellow students find that there is someone else out there who knows about the existence of seers and sees them as an existential threat to their plans. Slowly, a series of unexplained accidents and attacks happen until it becomes clear that they are being hunted and picked off one by one. They can fight back, but first they must identify exactly who wants them dead and why. During the search for answers, Glen discovers more about his father’s past work for Carl Flint, the billionaire businessman and founder of Mountain View and the multinational conglomerate Flint Corporation. What he learns about his father and himself only takes him further down a path that may ultimately lead to his own destruction.